Premier Electrical Staffing, providing qualified personnel


Exclusively electrical Services that meet your needs

We are unique in that we only staff in the electrical Commercial and Industrial industry. This specialized service provides a matching alliance for our customers and guarantees a high quality product.

We provide

We believe in a drug-free and safe working environment. We will work closely with you to ensure our employees follow your company's drug testing procedures. In addition, to doing background checks if you would like to fully know who is going to be working for you.

Professionally pre-screened

We individually interview, test each applicant in our extensive database to determine the most qualified candidate quickly. This expertise saves you time, money, and from the liability of potentially expensive labor law mistakes. After the placement, we follow up continually to make sure our employees have successfully integrated into your job sites.

Accurate and timely payroll processing

We have the most efficient payroll system available. No matter where your site is located, our workers will be paid the right amount, on time, every week.

Well-treated employees

Our field employees are held to a high standard and we treat them fairly and professionally making them more likely to work longer and better for you.

Simplifies and lowers costs

By using our temporary staffing options, you will not need to track and pay separately for your field employees' costs. These expenses include FICA, FUTA, SUTA, worker's compensation, unemployment, state and local taxes and assessments, and payroll costs. In addition, Premier Electrical Staffing also pays for all advertising, recruiting, and bookkeeping so that you can concentrate on your business.

8 hour guarantee

Premier Electrical Staffing, LLC offers an industry leading 100%, 8 hour guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of one of our employees, simply contact us within the first 8 hours and you will not be charged. That is how confident we are at Premier that we will meet and exceed your needs.

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